General Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Business of Messe München GmbH for Purchasing Tickets on the Internet

I. Scope

The following terms of business apply to contracts for the sale of admission tickets (hereinafter referred to as Tickets) on the internet between Messe München GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Messe München) and the purchaser of such Tickets (hereinafter referred to as Customer). Counter-confirmations by Customer quoting its own terms of business or terms of purchasing are hereby rejected. Changes to Messe München's general terms of business shall only be valid if they have been confirmed in writing by Messe München.

II. Contract Conclusion

Customer submits a binding offer by sending its purchase order. The contract will be concluded when Messe München collects or debits the payment. Customer hereby waives its right to receive any acceptance of the order.

III. Contract Fulfilment by Customer

The prices of Tickets are shown on the relevant website. The prices shown on the website at the time the purchase order is placed shall be definitive. The purchase price shall be due for payment immediately upon conclusion of the contract. Customer shall pay the amount specified in its purchase order by credit card, PayPal or direct debit if payment by direct debit is possible on the relevant website. Messe München will accept the credit cards listed on the website. Fulfilment shall not take place in both cases until the amount has been credited to Messe München's account.

Messe München is entitled to require the customer to wear a FFP-2 mask in the entire event area in accordance with the official directives or statutory regulations in force at the time of the event.

Messe München is entitled to register visitors who enter the event area in accordance with the official regulations or statutory provisions in force at the time of the event, in order to enable the identification of contacts in the event of a subsequently identified COVID 19 case among visitors.

IV. Contract Fulfilment by Messe München

Customer will receive an email from Messe München with the Ticket for it to print, a so-called Print@home Ticket. Access to the respective event will only be possible with this Print@home Ticket. Print@home Tickets will not be returnable once they have been purchased.

Excluded from visiting the event are

Messe München is entitled to permit a customer to attend the event only if the customer submits appropriate proof of a negative result of a COVID-19 test, a complete vaccination against COVID-19 or the existence of a previous infection with the coronavirus SARS -CoV-2, in accordance with the official directives or statutory regulations in force at the time of the event.

Customers who are excluded from attending the event for the reasons given above remain obliged to pay the ticket fee and are therefore not entitled to a refund of the ticket fee paid. Further claims are excluded.

In order to ensure compliance with the protective and hygiene measures prescribed by law, Messe München is entitled to restrict the number of persons in the entire event area or parts thereof. Messe München may therefore temporarily deny customers access to the entire event area or parts thereof. If a customer who enters the trade fair ground on an event day to visit the event is not allowed to visit at least part of an event area on that day due to the aforementioned restrictions, the customer may demand reimbursement of the pro-rata ticket fee in the case of a multi-day ticket and reimbursement of the entire ticket fee in the case of a one-day ticket, in which case the customer will lose his right to use his one-day ticket to visit the event on another day. Further claims are excluded.

V. Cancellation Information for Consumers

1. Right to Cancel

In the event of Customer being a consumer as defined in § 13, BGB [German Civil Code], Customer will have the right to cancel within 14 days, without stating any reason, his or her declaration of intent to conclude a contract by using the cancellation form or by issuing an explicit declaration to Messe München (e.g. by letter, e-mail message or fax). For the said deadline to be deemed observed, it will be sufficient for the cancellation form to be sent in due time, or for the said declaration to be issued to Messe München in due time. The period for cancellation will commence upon conclusion of the contract but not prior to notification of the consumer by Messe München in accordance with statutory requirements (§ 312 {j}, Clause 2, BGB, in conjunction with Article 246a, § 1, Clause 1, Sentence 1, Nos. 1, 4, 5, 11 and 12, EGBGB [Introductory Law to the German Civil Code]). Cancellation within the cancellation period shall be possible only until the point in time at which the relevant Ticket or ticket-voucher code expires, i.e. at the end of the opening hours on the final day of the trade fair.

The cancellation declaration shall be sent to:

Messe München GmbH
Customer Interaction Center
81823 München
Tel.: + 49 89 949-20720
Fax: +49 89 949-20729

2. Consequences of Cancellation

In the event of the right to cancel being effectively exercised, the relevant tickets or ticket-voucher codes will be blocked so that entry to the respective event will not be possible.

In the event of cancellation having become effective, Messe München will refund the ticket price already paid by the consumer promptly, but no later than 14 days.

For the consumer, the cancellation period will commence on the date of dispatch of the cancellation form or otherwise on the date of issue of the above declaration; for Messe München, the cancellation period will commence upon receipt of the said form or declaration.

The method used for refunding the ticket price already paid will be at the discretion of Messe München. No charge will be incurred by the consumer.

VI. Liability

Messe München shall accept liability for malice and gross negligence. In the event of minor negligence, Messe München shall only be liable for breach of major contract duties, in particular the main obligations under the contract. In the event of minor negligence, Messe München shall accept liability for typically foreseeable damages, but not for consequential damages and subject to a maximum of 10 times the value of the purchase order. Messe München's liability for damages resulting from death, physical injury or health impairment caused by negligent breach of duty by the user or malicious or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the user shall be excluded from the above limitations of liability.

VII. Force Majeure, Cancellation of the Event

If Messe München is compelled, as a result of force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control, to vacate one or more exhibition areas temporarily or for longer periods, or to postpone or curtail the fair, the Customers do not thereby acquire the right to withdraw, cancel or reduce payment, nor do they have any other claims against Messe München, in particular claims for damages. The same applies if the Costumer cannot participate in the event due to force majeure or some other reasons beyond Messe München’s control.

If Messe München cancels the event because it cannot hold the event as a result of force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control, or because it has become unreasonable for the organizer to hold the event, Messe München is not liable for damages and disadvantages to exhibitors arising from the cancellation of the event.

VIII. Place of Performance and Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for any and all legal disputes arising from the contract shall be Munich if the parties to the contract are businesspeople, legal entities under public law or public-law special funds or at least one of the parties to the contract does not have its general place of jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany or moves its normal place of residence or normal place of business from the Federal Republic of Germany after the conclusion of the contract or its place of residence or personal whereabouts are not known at the time the lawsuit is filed. Messe München shall also be entitled to file lawsuits at the Customer's general place of jurisdiction. The place of performance for all duties arising from this contract shall be Munich.

IX. Applicable Law

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be exclusively applicable; the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall be excluded.

X. Concluding Provision

If one or more provisions in this contract should be or become invalid in whole or in part, the remainder of the contract shall remain in force. Any invalid provisions shall be replaced by provisions which come as close as possible to the objective intended by the parties.