Speaker’s check-in

The speaker’s check-in at the World of Photonics Congress

Prior to your presentation you should visit the speaker’s check-in: From here your final presentation will be relayed directly to the conference room.

First-class presentation technology

The World of Photonics Congress offers all speakers an excellent presentation management system: This software distributes and relays all lectures onto the laptops in the conference rooms and displays the overview of the ongoing program on the information screens inside and outside the rooms. As such, you and your presentation can be found quickly and easily.

Each conference room used for World of Photonics Congress sessions is equipped with the complete presentation equipment – that means beamer / screen, laptop & presenter. Own hardware cannot be connected in the rooms. The upload of a presentation at the laptop in the conference room is not possible too. For this reason all presentations must be uploaded in advance or onsite!

Please find more information about the upload service, the location and opening times of the onsite speaker’s service and the technical specifications for the presentations from the beginning of 2019.

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