Factsheet World of Photonics Congress

The World of Photonics Congress sets new standards in terms of the quality and quantity of congress participants—this is where the elite of the international photonics research community meets up. This is the perfect place to get in touch with your scientific target group!

Congress attendees at a glance:

  • 5,600 people attended the scientific conferences (4,079) and the practice-oriented lecture program at the LASER World of PHOTONICS (1,515)

  • Highly international: 74% international attendees, 26% from Germany

  • Top ranking for quality: 98% gave the congress a rating of good to excellent

The international meeting place of the photonics research community

Facts and Figures of the Scientific Conferences
4,079 attendees
63 countries
74 % international share
60 % first-time participants, 40 % repeaters
95 % intend to participate again
6 conferences with around 60 subconferences
8 plenary sessions and award ceremonies
6 joint sessions
3,000 lectures, presentations and posters
Facts and figures of the application panels
1,515 attendees
16 panels
103 lectures

Origin of attendees

Attendees' field of activity

Attendees' primary position

Attendees’ area of responsibility

Figures and rating among attendees

  • 60 % first-time participants, 40 % repeaters
  • 95 % of attendees intend to participate again

Figures and rating among attendees

  • World of Photoncs Congress